Case Study: a Delivery Lead for Team Resilience

How New Technology Search found a needle in a haystack for a recently established IT consultancy

Client: Team Resilience

Team Resilience is a new and successful IT consultancy. The company specialises in fast-track development of enterprise applications based on OutSystems and UX. Since its launch, the company has quickly proven itself in the world of the OutSystems low-code platform. It is no coincidence that OutSystems named Team Resilience the OutSystems Partner of the Year in 2020. There is a clear ambition for the coming years: to grow significantly and become a top player in the international OutSystems partner landscape. To realise this ambition, Team Resilience is always on the look-out for experienced and highly qualified team members. In this case, they sought a Delivery Lead.

Challenge: find a Delivery Lead who is passionately interested in business and IT

Team Resilience has a UX-centric approach, which it combines with far-reaching OutSystems expertise, a philosophy that guarantees a future-proof architecture and a strong focus on product management. The Delivery Lead had to be able to tie those elements together in a way that would get stakeholders from the business and IT sides fully committed to and enthusiastic about the chosen course of action. Moreover, the right candidate had to fit well with the company’s DNA, which is one of true team players who, together with the customer, define products and achieve results, and never shy away from difficult situations. Delivery Leads who match this profile and can operate at this level are extremely scarce though. After being referred to New Technology Search by another client, Team Resilience challenged us to find this needle in a haystack for them.

Approach: a clear process and sounding board sessions to discuss candidates
<p>New Technology Search and Team Resilience worked together closely during the search for a Delivery Lead in a clearly designed screening and interview process. Because this was a key role, there was continuous contact between Team Resilience&#8217;s CEO and New Technology Search&#8217;s head hunter to discuss and assess the candidates. During the search, New Technology Search identified 74 candidates, 14 of whom were thoroughly screened. At the end of the challenging search process, two suitable candidates remained, from which Team Resilience selected the candidate that best matched the target profile and the company&#8217;s DNA.</p>

There is a significant difference between New Technology Search and mainstream recruitment agencies. New Technology Search recognised the business phase in which we find ourselves as Team Resilience and the profile that we need to ensure further growth of the team and the business.

Vincent van der Hoorn
CEO Team Resilience