Case study: a Tech Lead for Northpool

How New Technology Search used a structured search method to find top-quality IT talent for a renewable energy trader

Client: Northpool

Northpool is a successful Dutch energy trader. The company operates at the heart of the international energy market, in the thick of the transition to sustainable energy sources. Northpool has a leading position in the market and wants to increase its market share. It sees high-end information technology as a key success factor for realising that ambition. The company’s ability to grow further hinges on a robust and scalable IT infrastructure and its ability to relate a continuous flow of data and analyses from the international energy markets to meteorological data.

Challenge: find an experienced Tech Lead

Northpool created a new Tech Lead position for this purpose. However, good, experienced people with qualifications and expertise in data science and IT architecture are scarce. The number of professionals who can operate effectively within the top echelons of a company like Northpool is limited. Furthermore, they need to be approached at a time when they are already considering a career move. Northpool decided to engage New Technology Search to find the right person for this crucial role.

Approach: a structured search for top-quality talent
<p>New Technology Search worked according to a proven method for attracting exceptional talent. A method that not only considers CVs &#8211; i.e. what the candidate has done in the past &#8211; but also looks at other aspects to identify candidates capable of achieving specifically defined results. Northpool prepared a job scorecard, and New Technology Search worked with Northpool to create a well-defined and clear job profile on that basis. In the next stage, New Technology Search initiated a structured search process.</p>
<p>New Technology Search selected 69 potential candidates, 23 of whom were invited to attend screening interviews. After the screening interviews, eight candidates were presented to Northpool. That information was assessed and two eligible candidates were invited to Northpool for extensive in-person interviews. Focus interviews then took place to address specific issues that needed to be explored further. Finally, the interview results were compared with the scorecard assessments and Northpool was able to make an informed decision. After extensive checking of the references put forward by the preferred candidate, Northpool made a successful offer and was able to welcome its new Tech Lead.</p>
The search in figures


potential candidates were identified


screening interviews took place with candidates


candidates were presented to Northpool


eligible candidates made it to the shortlist

For the area of business where we are active, new technology is essential. I had worked with the founder of New Technology Search in the past and actively approached him for this assignment. Precisely because of his focus on new technology. I also know him to be a reliable business partner and that is very important to me.

Marcel Bos
CTO Northpool