Case study: an Account Executive CRM for Brite

How New Technology Search helped a relatively new Salesforce consultancy find their first sales professional

Client: Brite

Brite is a Dutch Salesforce consultancy that focuses on clients in the SME and SME+ sectors. This relatively new company implements Marketing, Sales and Service solutions on the Salesforce platform and has built an impressive reputation and a large client base in a short time. In the summer of 2020, the company reached a threshold that every growing consultancy encounters. Specifically, the point at which a dedicated sales professional needs be hired for the first time in order to achieve the next phase of growth. In the case of Brite, a sales professional with extensive experience and the drive required for such a role in a young organisation.

Challenge: find an experienced sales professional

Brite engaged New Technology Search to find the right candidate and guarantee a high-quality search process. Two challenges had to be overcome. First and foremost; continuing tightness in the job market. The Salesforce ecosystem continues to expand, so the level of demand for experienced sales professionals far outstrips supply. Second, Brite was looking for a candidate who would closely match the company’s DNA. A salesperson with high professional standards, combined with a personality and soft skills that would allow the candidate to thrive in the informal, collegial culture that characterises Brite.

Approach: take the load off the client
<p>New Technology Search applied a structured methodology that aimed to select the right candidate in a number of process steps. Rather than blindly relying on CVs, the search focused on identifying candidates with whom the organisation could achieve a set of predefined outcomes.</p>
<p>As the process unfolded, Brite benefited from the personal experience of New Technology Search&#8217;s head hunter as expert in selling CRM and Salesforce solutions. Because of this background, he was well positioned to do the initial screening and separate the wheat from the chaff. Only qualified candidates made it to the shortlist presented to Brite and Brite&#8217;s management did not have to wade through piles of substandard CVs. In the next phase, the four shortlisted candidates were invited by Brite to attend targeted interviews. At the end of the search, Brite was able to welcome its first 100% sales professional and launch the company&#8217;s next phase of growth.</p>
The search in figures


potential candidates were contacted


candidates were screened


candidates made it to the shortlist


candidate was appointed

New Technology Search's head hunter has personal experience with the requested profile and was ideally placed to carry out a good initial screening for that reason. This was rather different to the approach normally adopted by many search agencies, which is simply to forward every CV that comes in. Minimising our own workload was important to us.

Hans Neele
Owner of Brite