Case study: an Agile Coach for Adaptif

How New Technology Search found a Scrum Master & Agile Coach who was exactly right for a high-end consultancy

Client: Adaptif

Adaptif, a high-end consultancy in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, helps organisations adapt more effectively to their environment. Changes in that environment – driven by technology and innovation – require new ways of working and managing, such as agile. Adaptif helps companies successfully implement those new ways of working. Not from a technological focus, but rather from a broad-based business-driven perspective. Thanks to this distinctive proposition, Adaptif got off to a promising start when the company was launched in 2017. As a relative newcomer, Adaptif is interested in scaling up quickly and is always eager to meet experienced Scrum Masters & Agile Coaches who have worked for several years in this segment.

Challenge: find a candidate who is exactly right for Adaptif

The job market is tight and good candidates are few and far between. In this day and age, many companies need to become more agile, so the demand for Scrum Masters & Agile Coaches far exceeds supply. Finding candidates with the right experience and a senior profile that matches the company’s proposition is the main bottleneck Adaptif has to overcome. It is also important that candidates are familiar with the ‘old way of working’ and know how to successfully transition to the ‘new way of working’. Finally, the candidates need to be willing to expand their skills to include different content areas.

Approach: the search for an experienced candidate
<p>New Technology Search&#8217;s head hunter has a background in consultancy and knows the world in which Adaptif operates like the back of his hand. As a result, he understands exactly what kind of profile is needed to be successful with Adaptif and its clients.</p>
<p>A detailed job profile was prepared in collaboration with Adaptif. In the search process, New Technology Search exploited its considerable network, set up a professional search system and employed targeted communication to reach potential candidates in the intended audience. Out of a group of more than one hundred potential candidates, New Technology Search selected 31 and screened them extensively. The resulting shortlist of three suitable candidates &#8211; all people with the right experience and the right personality &#8211; were then invited to participate in the recruitment process for Adaptif. At the end of this structured search process, Adaptif succeeded in finding a good, experienced candidate that matched the profile and successfully offered that candidate a position.</p>
The search in figures


potential candidates were contacted


candidates were screened


candidates made it to the shortlist


candidate was appointed

The main bottleneck we faced was finding candidates with a senior profile that would fit well within our organisation. New Technology Search proved itself to be the go-to partner for finding candidates with the right experience, skills and personality.

Roel van Stiphout
Managing Partner, Adaptif