Nextview: scaling up in the Salesforce ecosystem

How New Technology Search helped a Salesforce consulting firm achieve faster growth in The Netherlands as a strategic partner

The best people in key positions

Digital transformation is all about people. It is not the technology itself, but rather the people who deal with the technology that determine whether a project will be successful. For Nextview – a global top-50 Salesforce consulting partner – that starts with its own team.

Nextview was founded in 2009 and has since grown into a major player, with offices in the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland. To realise its growth ambitions, the company must always be the best in its class. And it can only achieve that status with the best people in key positions: people who take responsibility for the growth of the club and the culture in order to make that growth possible.

Strategic partnership

The Salesforce ecosystem in the Netherlands is not very large. With a limited number of Salesforce professionals, companies can only recruit from a small talent pool. Nextview has therefore implemented a robust HR policy to find and retain talent. This includes an internal referral programme and a 90-day onboarding programme for new employees.

Nextview has also entered into a strategic partnership with New Technology Search in the Netherlands. The aim of this partnership was to scale up faster and attract talent for specific profiles that enable Nextview to stand out in the market. These are typically the profiles that are difficult to source in the current market: from sales professionals to analytics consultants and from business consultants to UX designers.

Challenging and collaborating
<p>Bart Greve, the founder of New Technology Search, has been active in the Dutch Salesforce landscape for nearly 15 years: first as IT entrepreneur, and now as search consultant. He knows the growth phases that IT companies have to deal with and he knows from his own experience what an organisation like Nextview needs in order to take the step to the next stage.</p>
<p>As a partner, New Technology Search challenges the ideas of Nextview’s Dutch management and actively collaborates in formulating the necessary profiles. Nextview therefore sees new Technology Search as a crucial addition to its own recruitment channel.</p>

There is mutual commitment between Nextview and New Technology Search. Our partnership is laid down in a contract model that works for both parties and together enables us to find the best, most experienced candidates in the market.

Peter Bakker
Managing Director Netherlands, Nextview